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Through Urban Memories

a multi-disciplinar theater project of OPERA NOW!

Text Ceren Ercan

Director/Choreographer Candaş Baş

Composer Hüseyin Evirgen a.k.a. Magna Pia

Concept and Stage Designer Asli Ersuzer


Elif Ürse, Alina Anufrienko, N.N.

-Premiere in 2025 in Germany-

At the heart of our exploration is the question of how the mind reimagines a new cityscape when confronted with the familiar landmarks of the old. As migrants traverse the bustling spaces, winding streets, and verdant parks, they bring with them the echoes of their former homes. Through their eyes, the cityscape becomes a canvas on which past and present converge, creating new meanings and symbols.


Inspired by the Devise method, we aim to explore the relationship between movement and memory, using our performers' experiences as the cornerstone of our investigation. By recording the paths they take and the memories they carry, we intend to unearth the hidden narratives that lie beneath the surface of these urban landscapes.


However, our project is not simply an exploration of individual identity. Instead, we seek to challenge the notion of ownership in cities that have become home to strangers from afar. In a world shaped by neoliberal policies, where cities increasingly mirror each other, it is imperative that we interrogate the forces that shape our urban environments.


Through a cartographic approach, we aim to uncover the multiple layers of history and culture that intersect in the streets of Berlin. From the scars of war to the transformations wrought by earthquakes, each city bears the imprint of its past. Yet it is through the lens of migration that we uncover new possibilities for these urban landscapes, offering glimpses of both utopia and dystopia.


"ECHOES: Through Urban Memories" is a collaborative project between the musik+theater collective OPERA NOW! and the award-winning writer Ceren Ercan, along with the internationally renowned choreographer Candaş Baş. It is not merely a performance; it is a journey of self-discovery, a testament to the resilience of the human spirit in the face of displacement. By bridging the gap between past and present, we hope to forge connections that transcend borders and unite us in our mutual humanity.

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