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Our collective musik+theater OPERA NOW! is made up of directors, composers, designers, writers, actors, dramaturges, cultural managers and game designers who come from different artistic disciplines and backgrounds. We are united by the conviction that art is capable of exploring and reflecting on profound human, political and artistic research topics with the main elements of music+theater. We strive for contemporary opera and music theater to promote new impulses, new languages to these themes in our cosmopolitan/multicultural structure.

We recognize that art should not be viewed in isolation, but as a holistic experience from different perspectives. For this reason, music and theater interpenetrate and influence each other in our projects to create a multidimensional and immersive experience.

Our work is based on the principle of the “here and now”. We believe that art has the power to capture and comment on current social and political realities. By focusing on the “here and now”, we enable our works to have immediate relevance and open up space for urgently needed discussion and reflection.

Our themes are essentially human and political. We explore human experiences, from intimate emotions to major societal challenges. We also tackle controversial topics and raise voices that are often overlooked.

As a music+theater collective, we are convinced that art has a transformative power. We see our work as an opportunity to raise awareness, promote empathy and bring about change. Our artistic projects are intended to help shape a world that is diverse, inclusive and just.

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